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Black TechnologyN-NET Auto Check POE Switch

2018-04-03 16:46:05

Black TechnologyN-NET Auto Check POE Switch


Auto Check Features

The PoE switch with Auto Check function can realize automatic monitoring of PD devices brought by each port of a POE switch in a large-scale video surveillance project under unattended conditions by PING packets and checking PD device traffic. The data transmission part of the PD equipment is automatically, real-timely and effectively managed, which can quickly locate the fault point, reduce the difficulty of on-site debugging, shorten the inspection time, and improve work efficiency.

Auto Check Functions

The machine's Auto-Check function can set the detection interval (1 minute to 240 minutes) and wake-up time (1 second to 59 seconds).

The interval time is the time interval for the local device to point to the PD device to send the request packet.

The wake-up time is the interval between the power-off and restart of the PD device.

In addition, enabling the Auto-Check function requires setting the IP address of the peer PD device.

Auto Check function demonstration

Under normal circumstances, PD device failures or crashes occur randomly and cannot be accurately simulated on the site. Therefore, the following methods are used to approximate the PD device crash failures and demonstrate the switch's Auto Check function.


Connect the device as shown in the figure above and use the cmd command on PC1: Ping t, Ping PC2. Normally returns a reply from PC2. When the connection is normal, the link 4 is disconnected. After the switch reaches the detection interval, the switch cannot obtain the data of the PC2. 


The PoE power of the PD transceiver is first disconnected, and the PD is automatically restored after the wakeup time is reached. Power supply to the device, so far the switch restarts the PD. If the switch still cannot obtain the data from PC2, the above actions will be repeated. If after the switch disconnects the power of the PD transceiver and restores the link 4 before reaching the wake-up time, the switch can normally obtain the data from the PC2 after restart and enter the normal working state. At the same time, each port of the PoE is completely independent. The PD connected to one port fails and does not affect the normal operation of other ports.