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N-net in The Securex-Poznan 2018

2018-05-09 10:58:55

N-net in The Securex-Poznan 2018

The SECUREX, Poland security exhibition, was held at the Poznan International Exhibition Center on April 23-26, N-NET booth: Hall8 30D. Heavy industry is the main economic of Poland, such as the electromechanical industry and the metallurgical industry. The electronic products and security products are relatively weak, the security products R&D starts relatively lately in the local market, the brand does not have a great influence, security products need to rely on a large number of imports, and China is one of Polands major trading partners, which also greatly promoted the cooperation between the two sides.


Securex is the most influential security exhibition and the only professional security exhibition in Poland. N-NET brought customers in this exhibition :commercial (industrial) POE switches ?N-NET ring industrial grade switch?network management industrial switch?other products. The work of the equipment can reach -40C~+85C. It is suitable for the more complex industrial fields. It can be widely used in Smart citiy,Energy, Highway system andother fields!


As one of Chinas important trading nations, the potential of the Security Market in Poland is very great and urgent. The Securex Poland, which is held every two years, serves as a channel for the economy between China and Poland, allowing Chinese exhibitors to present higher-quality, more technical security products to Polish customers.